Abstraction System with Tavonga Chiringa
Pipe installation 36m across the river Shavi Now crops Machembere Sand Abstraction water garden – Chengwena elderly group water from sand abstraction system & pumping system
Linos Wengara Magaya an experienced natural plant remedies consultant, specialising in the prevention, treatment and healing of a variety of immune system conditions and ailments. From swelling, to irritations, to chronic sickness and pains.
Homestead – Going back to our roots
As we go back to our roots we need to think about climate change and food security. Most of the villages are dry lands and need to be green lands. Trees are disappearing at a fast rate and need to be planted especially during the rainy season for the future generations and help with climate change. Cutting trees for fire wood should be forbidden. Stripping trees and grasslands for herbs to make money is not advisable. Dust bowls, land degradation and desertification are eminent if not addressed. The land is passed onto future generations it does not belong to us.
Farming in Sweden with Saneliso Siwela
Farming in Sweden with Saneliso Siwela Saneliso grew up in rural Mberengwa, Zimbabwe where she was taught the importance of food security. She believes in African solutions for African problems. She moved to Sweden from the UK to put her researched skills into practice and action after being disappointed with people who did not take their food security seriously. In a space of a year the links below show the possibilities and there are no excuses when it come to food security and farming. Preparation will give a good yield. Saneliso is hoping to purchase her own farm in Sweden…
Our Communities are: Bare, Chidhakwa, Chikokonya, Chogugudza, Molife, Nyakudya & Shamu Villages.The project started in 2008.
Document Archives
We Document our meetings by taking minutes, pictures, recordings, videos and live streaming and share using the digital platform with our international communities. .
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