Dr. Zvarimwa – The African Doctor

There is a time in life where you reach a crossroad and choices have to be made to navigate life’s journey. Life is rather complicated it is filled with mysteries, wonders, twists, and turns that may require a road map or spiritual guidance. Dr. Zvarimwa was the guide to self-discovery.

In order to accomplish what we came here to do in life, the right choices are made. Critical thinking, wisdom, discernment, following the heart and gut feeling helps in making the correct choices. The condition of the heart, mind, body and soul will lead us to our destiny. To know purpose and life’s journey, requires some understanding of who you are, your heritage, culture and history. Meeting Zvarimwa helped to make those connections and revealed answers to pertinent questions.

SNUFF is used to connect with the ancestors and the beer to give thanks to them. Image: By Tulani – Nzou

Dr. Zvarimwa in his own intricate ways, sometimes totally confusing, showed me and left a wealth of knowledge. The recordings are a guide back to to the ancestors. The recordings are in Shona one of Zimbabwe’s native language. Zvarimwa specifically asked me to record our conversations and share with those whom are spiritually inclined. The time spent with him is invaluable. l thought it was just a journey to self discovery but it has yielded a deep understanding of culture and tradition. The recordings are timeless and are part of the digital archives for future generations.

World peace, food security and the environment is a topic of discussion everywhere in the world and for a man living in a simple hut in the middle of a historic place called Domboshava, all these topics were explained to me in a voice l could relate. l will forever cherish the one year spent under his teachings- the wise man -ZVARIMWA (Zva-ari-Mwari). Zvarimwa worked and did some research with Dr. Michael Gelfand at Harare Hospital on Traditional African medicines.

Zvarimwa the African Doctor: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SVdFsTTDDRDjGaYd7

Gelfand, Michael (1964) Witch Doctor: Traditional Medicine man of Rhodesia. Harvil Press: London. https://www.amazon.com/Books-Michael-Gelfand/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AMichael.+Gelfand

Zvarimwa the ‘African Thinker ‘ at Chikokonya village – Ishmael’s home
DR. ZVARIMWA: Passed away on JUNE 16, 2010.

The Domboshava Project is dedicated in his honor and in loving memory.

Zvarimwa explaining who he is.
The great African thinker, with such simplicity yet, connected to the universe in speech and time.
Mai Zvarimwa explaining his death
Zvarimwa in his hut
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