Water is Life

About 70% of Zimbabweans live in rural areas where they depend mostly on the rainy season and rivers if they are lucky to be in areas that have them.

Two friends both with dreams to help others met and magic happened. Shamu Borehole became a reality

About 70% of Zimbabweans live in rural areas, relying mostly on the rainy season and, if fortunate, nearby rivers. Communal boreholes are often far from homesteads and a challenge to access clean water. Small-scale farmers are among the best food producers in the country. At Fishers Ecotourism, we believe land, water, and seeds are the key to food security and healthy families. With water, nothing is impossible—from livestock and food to medicine, buildings, and beyond.

Climate change has made water increasingly scarce. We rely on traditional methods such as rain-making ceremonies and prayers, but the rainy season only lasts four months. Water harvesting, which involves seeding rainwater into the ground, helps sustain the water table and the trees that need it. While drilling too many boreholes can impact the water table, we balance this with water-harvesting structures. For both rural and urban farmers, we advocate for boreholes to alleviate water shortages. Solar energy powers our boreholes due to the limited electricity supply.

Life is a cycle, where we are all connected, nature, the environment, and humans. Our responsibility is to care for what sustains us, ensuring that future generations can continue the life cycle our ancestors entrusted us.

Our primary focus is growing food organically and boosting the bee population. Without bees and other pollinators, our food production suffers greatly. Cultivating plants that support a healthier pollinator population is vital for food security. These practices align with African knowledge systems. Conserving natural resources and reducing waste will create a better world. There is enough for all of us to share and pass on to future generations. Healthy ecosystems provide clean air, mitigate climate change, enrich soils, and attract wildlife. At Fishers Ecotourism, we focus on sustainable farming methods such as keyhole gardens and composting. Our animals, when managed well, produce all the fertilizer we need.

Shamu Village Susanna’s message

“As a young child, it was known to me that something very important needed to be done for others during my lifetime. Whether it was to go to a Leper’s colony to feed and wash them or have a mansion and bring in orphaned children to take care of-just something big that would fulfill my dream of helping others. When I met Sylvia Hove, I instantly knew I could help her in the Domboshava region. My offer to drill for water in Shamu Village was a dream come true for me and I was excited for the villagers as they would receive the greatest gift of life, my love for them and water. Blessed are those that give to others in need. Never had I given my hard-earned money to a cause before, however, this was a finite moment to realize my dream. I am thankful that I met and trusted Sylvia to begin the search for water in Shamu Village. There it was shown to the Shamu villagers on the third try-an abundance of water flowing up”

Susanna Gilbert

Shamu water survey first attempt