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Left Chief Chinhamhora’s aid, Zvarimwa from Molife village in the center & Ishmael from Chikokonya village on the right visiting Bare village; Masikandoro view project 2009.

Our Past is connected to our future. Knowing and understanding it makes things work better if we acknowledge it.

Zvarimwa dishing food for Chief Chinhamora’s aid at Chikokonya village after settling a village dispute regarding land issues – 2009.
Cultural Bira Night Sat October 29th, 2022 (Linos Magaya Wengara performed my first thanksgiving celebration in Brighton July, 2018)

Domboshava Community Projects

Chikokonya Projects Domboshava
Domboshava Projects Zivakwawakabva
Nyakudya Composting
Projects Progress through the years
May 13, 2017 – Nyakudya Village – Ngoshi Family well
July 1, 2012 Nyakudya Women’s Club
September 5, 2009 Chikokonya’s Women Clubs combined

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